Values at Canadian Family Supports

We prioritize respect, confidentiality, ethics, and learning. We treat everyone with dignity, maintain strict confidentiality, adhere to high ethical standards, and foster continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Strengthening Families Together.

Canadian Family Services Values.

Respect: We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Confidentiality: We do not share anything said to us with others unless there is harm to you or others.

Ethics: We strive to meet the highest ethical standards and take responsibility for our actions.

Learning: We challenge each other to continually learn from each other and to pass our learning off onto others

Did you know…

A 2022 poll by CMHA found that one in four Ontarians had sought help for mental health issues in the past year but could not access services due to cost or lack of coverage.

A family of four sitting on rocks by the beach, symbolizing the values at Canadian Family Supports, which include respect, confidentiality, ethics, and continuous learning to support family well-being.

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